BR Gold Step Pro Max - Metal and gold Detector
BR 100 Pro - Metal Detector
BR 20 Pro - Gold Detector
BR 50 Target Max Metal and gold Detector
BR 950 Professional - Underground Water Detector

BR Systems

BR Systems has been established in 2005 in the United States of America. A group of engineers, treasure hunters and prospectors created BR and drove it to success since they know your needs. More than 15 years of innovations and challenges and eight different products to fulfill your desire. BR Systems released a new product series, taking in consideration all customers’ needs and desires …

When we talk about BR DETECTORS, we mean precision, depth, technology and ruggedness. Treasure hunters and gold miners worldwide discovered the history, gold and treasures with BR Detector. A huge number of success stories and gold discoveries from our customers have been shared on social media in the globe, in Africa, Latin America, Middle East, Europe, Asia and more…

More than 50.000.00 devices of BR Detector products have been sold the last decade which puts us to be the best globally.
BR distributors covers the whole world and they are ready to answer all your questions.
BR Systems will always presents you the best technologies with the best prices.

The Best of BR Detectors.

Royal Analyzer:

BR has created a special production line to produce tens of Royal Analyzer units daily to cover customers orders globally.

BR100 PRO:

BR100 PRO long range locator is always the prospectors, treasure hunters and gold seekers first choice and the preferred tool to detect gold and metals accurately. BR100 PRO is supported with three advanced search systems to accurately find gold and precious metals.


The all new BR50 PRO is supported with a new remote sensing technique developed by BR engineers to assist treasure hunters and prospectors to accurately find and detect gold and treasures. BR50 PRO is a detector with a super power that enables the user to control the signal frequency manually or even automatically, which adds more adventure to the detection process.

BR 20 PRO:

BR Detectors’ engineers and development team have worked on developing BR20 PRO to be the best tool to detect gold, and supported the device with voids detection system where golden treasure might be buried in.


The newest generation of Gold Step and the most advanced and accurate detector, it comes with five detection systems which allows the user to reach required target smoothly, GOLD STEP PRO MAX is a multi-functional device concerned with precision, where it can search for all desired targets with different systems which makes GOLD STEP PRO MAX (2022) the best detector for treasure hunters and prospectors worldwide.

BR950 PRO Gadget:

No more water scarcity, no more random drilling. All is solved with BR950 PRO Gadget, two setups highly specialized and characterized in detecting groundwater locations, featuring the following

1- Long Distance area scan.
2- Locating groundwater potential point with the Geophysical setup.
3- Get a 3D image for the groundwater.
4- Soil Analysis.
5- Water type analysis.