BR Systems has been established in 2005 in the United States of America. A group of engineers, treasure hunters and prospectors created BR and drove it to success since they know your needs. More than 15 years of innovations and challenges and eight different products to fulfill your desire. BR Systems released a new product series, taking in consideration all customers’ needs and desire.

When we talk about BR DETECTORS, we mean precision, depth, technology and ruggedness. Treasure hunters and gold miners worldwide discovered the history, gold and treasures with BR Detector. A huge number of success stories and gold discoveries from our customers have been shared on social media in the globe, in Africa, Latin America, Middle East, Europe, Asia and more.

More than 50.000.00 devices of BR Detector products have been sold the last decade which puts us to be the best globally.
BR distributors covers the whole world and they are ready to answer all your questions.
BR Systems will always presents you the best technologies with the best prices.

BR Systems

Navigating the evolution of detectors, A journey through our timeline


Step One


The first version of the Gold Step Pro Max device was launched in 2012 originally known as Gold Step, and it quickly gained popularity, selling over 33,000 units. Due to its amazing success and great demand from customers, BR SYSTEMS company upgraded the Gold Step by incorporating new systems and an extensive array of filters, significantly increasing its precision and enhancing its capability to detect gold and precious metals at deeper levels.

Step Two

BR 100 PRO

The inaugural model of the BR 100 Pro, initially named the BR 100 T, was introduced in 2012 and featured an extensive long-range detection capability. It swiftly rose to prominence thanks to its remarkable success and the high demand from our valued customers. In response to this, BR SYSTEMS enhanced the BR100 T by incorporating additional systems, evolving it into a device with three detection systems and an improved ability to detect at greater depths.

Step Three

BR 50 Target Max

The first edition of the BR 50 Target Max, originally named BR 50 GS, was launched in 2012. It quickly gained popularity due to its impressive performance and strong demand from our esteemed clients. To meet this demand, BR SYSTEMS upgraded the BR50 GS by adding more systems, transforming it into a more advanced device with dual detection systems and increased depth detection capabilities.

Step Four

BR 20 Pro

The BR 20 Pro, initially released as the BR 20 G in 2012, swiftly became a favorite for its remarkable performance and precise detection of buried gold. BR SYSTEMS enhanced the BR20 G by expanding its frequency range, elevating it to a leading position among gold detectors worldwide.