There is something new in challenging and prospecting field . Something will change your opinion positively about adventures exploration. We are talking about BRdetector. We see hundreds of ads about detectors that talking about gold , silver and all metals detecting from long distances .So we decided to find the most useful detectors that is really help Prospectors in searching

First of all , let us say that we are writing to you as a treasures hunter with many years field experiences using traditional metal detectors. The following statements and opinions are our own, and we aren't connected with any company except our dealers which you can find them in our dealers page

Last months we began using a BRdetector devices and have been working with it . BR detectors are tools that is supposed to detect gold and silver and any other kind of metals from long distances. Our detectors are using special easy method in searching by holding the device as you would a pistol and sweeping it right to left and left to right in front of you , and if there is any target , you will see the device sensing target exact place
Correct balance in using the device is a very important thing in searching . By using carefully the methods in the user manual you will be very near to the target area within a few square feet then you can use your traditional metal detector above the target and that is the final step in your search

The most common question from prospectors are, does it really work ? The answer to this question is yes. We believe that is the device working correctly . However, the degree to which it works is determined by the skills of the prospector and certain other factors. For example, balancing with the device while sweeping and walking with it can take some time to accomplish. So you must learning carefully how to use detectors

Fortunately there are video now available on balancing and tuning the scope. These videos provide detailed instructions about using the device ,which we provide it to anyone trying to learn how to use the device

The most important steps in your search and that reach you to the target it self are
First you most using the devices carefully and try to use them many times
Second you most reading devices user manual carefully
Finally watching some useful videos will be very good for your learning

Through BR international detectors you will save more time and money, because you will working with the most technical devices in the world
In addition to good practice will increase your skills and will helping you to find your goal easily

In conclusion, we opened our branch in Dubai to facilitate the process of dealing with our customers from Asia and Africa