BR 20 G second generation

This device has the ability to detect gold and identify gold positions from range up to 500 meters and a depth of up to 5 meters below the surface of the earth , and this device is light weight and easy to use

features and components of the machine :

The main unit that including :

- color screen with high performance that showing all the data for tuning and to control the device
- The device is made from Materials and especially plastics ,that does not affect the operation of the machine , and anti-break and shocks
- Keys to control sensitivity and to select distance search
- search and sensing radars
- Rechargeable battery working for ten hours continuously with a home charger and car charger
- additional Antenna in case of breakage or damage
- bag made from reinforced plastic and waterproof and shock and breakage

- Two years warranty
- Made in USA

Method of detecting gold :

First we open the (radars) in the machine . after we openning the device and selecting search programme we go to the target area, and start searching from left to right or from right to left with main condition , focus in the research to detect the presence of a potential target and the device will check the place in a balanced and automatic way . If the machine find a golden target it will go directly for it , and is determined from four directions in a small place its size 1 square meter