BR 950 profesional
BR 950 profesional Geo

The Best Underground Water Detectors

Underground Water Detectors

A new revolution in Underground Water Detectors Technology

More than 50.000.00 devices of BR Detector products have been sold the last decade which puts us to be the best globally.

BR distributors covers the whole world and they are ready to answer all your questions, BR Systems will always presents you the best technologies with the best prices.

This product holds the international quality certificate and accredited by the International Detection and excavations.

2 Search systems

2000 Meters Distance

50 Meters Depth

BR 950 Professional (LRL-GEO)

BR 950 Profissional Groundwater and Well Detector is the latest scientific device that contains advanced detection and research systems to explore for groundwater locations, wells and groundwater basins.

4 Search systems

2000 Meters Distance

1200 Meters Depth

BR 950 underground water detector

This mini device detects groundwater and wells from long distances through the newly developed Long range Locator system at BR Systems.

1 Search systems

2000 Meters Distance

950 Meters Depth

Where this device can discover the large water pools only with the possibility of determining the depth of the water and we have used the system, which is a traditional Old remote sensing and a modern system to measure soil resistance.

1 Search systems

2000 Meters Distance

500 Meters Depth

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