BR 950 profesional
BR 950 profesional Geo

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Geophysical search System

A new revolution in Water Detectors Technology

This system works through the SRT technology developed by BR Systems, which works on probing and measuring the electrical resistances of the soil to locate and discover the places of water underground, The Geophysical search system in this devices has been developed and integrated with modern software and techniques to complete the detection process at high speed and provide detailed automatic results on the screen for the locations of water, its density, depths and salinity

More than 50.000.00 devices of BR Detector products have been sold the last decade which puts us to be the best globally.

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BR 950 Professional

Throughout its history, BR 950 Professional has become the premier selection for individuals seeking groundwater due to its unparalleled efficacy and adaptability in locating various types of groundwater, including fresh, mineral, and saltwater. BR 950 PRO is the pinnacle of technological advancement, featuring cutting-edge technology and enhancements meticulously crafted by the committed research team at BR SYSTEMS. This device has empowered numerous farmers and seekers in their quest to detect groundwater. We at BR SYSTEMS take immense pride in the BR950 PRO, which has emerged as the quintessential professional tool for groundwater detection. It is expertly designed to serve as the leading instrument for both enthusiasts and professionals in their quest to discover groundwater resources. The device is equipped with an advanced intelligent calibration system that discerns the type of terrain, ensuring optimal operation and providing accurate detection results.