Royal Analyzer Pro 6000 gold detector 3d scanner
BR Gold Step Pro Max - Metal and gold Detector

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Live Scan System

A new revolution in Metal Detectors Technology

The Live Scan system is the best tool to get a fast review for underground hidden objects. Where it is possible to view live images of the layers of the search area and know the exact locations of the targets, The user of this system can view live images in the form of an animated video and in real time on the device screen of everything that is hidden underground, including minerals, ancient burials, caves and tunnels. These discoveries are clarified in the form of special graphics that show the underground and begin to change when minerals or caves are discovered with a given size Actual parts discovered.

More than 50.000.00 devices of BR Detector products have been sold the last decade which puts us to be the best globally.

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Gold Step Pro Max

This device, renowned globally and extensively utilized by prospectors for discovering gold and precious metals beneath the surface, has been the leading long-range detector for the past seven years, offering unparalleled efficiency and adaptability in uncovering valuable treasures underground. Our latest innovation, This advanced model, equipped with cutting-edge technologies and enhancements developed in our scientific labs, has empowered numerous prospectors and explorers globally to accomplish their goals. We are excited to see how it will assist you in achieving your aspirations. Gold Step Pro Max stands as the pinnacle of professional detectors crafted by our company. We have meticulously designed and produced this device to ensure it is the premier choice for enthusiasts and professionals alike in their quest to locate hidden treasures beneath the surface. The device is equipped with an advanced intelligent calibration system that is capable of recognizing the type of the search area, it is designed to work in various types of terrain and provides highly accurate results.

Royal Analyzer Pro 6000

Royal Analyzer Pro 6000, renowned for its ability to locate gold and various precious metals beneath the ground, has maintained its position as the leading 3D detector for ten years for its performance and adaptability in uncovering treasures that lie underground Our most recent breakthrough, this sophisticated model, comes with state-of-the-art technology and improvements from our research labs, enabling countless prospectors and adventurers around the world to achieve their objectives. We are eager to see how it will help you in realizing your dreams. As the zenith of professional detection devices created by BR SYSTEMS company, Royal Analyzer Pro 6000 has been carefully engineered and manufactured to be the definitive option for both hobbyists and experts in their pursuit of uncovering hidden treasures. This device boasts an advanced intelligent calibration system that can identify the type of search area, is tailored to operate across different terrains, and delivers exceptionally precise results.