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Royal analyzer Pro

With imaging system, the best and the most appropriate system for all prospectors and gold seekers. Minerals, treasures and more.

Royal Basic Plus

The miracle of the era in detection, exploration and 2020’s best technology, This device contains all specifications that may be needed

BR 800 P

Is best suited for the detection of gold, minerals and groundwater, the large prevalent among prospectors and researchers in all world

Gold step

Device with century experience without a competitor in the field of exploration can do best in Gold search, minerals, caves and tunnels

BR 100 T

BR 100 T One of the best of what has manufactured the world’s detectors from distances that are running with Remote Sensing

BR 50 GS

Has the ability to detect gold and silver below the surface of the earth from range up to 500 meters and a depth of up to 10 meters.

BR 20 G

Ability to detect gold and identify gold positions from range up to 500 meters and a depth of up to 5 meters below the surface of the earth

BR 500 GW

All Systems Research in a compact device, that is easy to use and is able to detect underground water to a depth of up to 500 meters

BR 700 PRO

Can distinguish between fresh, salt, and mineral water and in the case of the discovery of water immediately shows on the screen

BR 750 PRO

The first device without competition through the addition of some features and characteristics that provide higher accuracy in detection