The Best 3D Ground Scan Detectors

3D Ground Scan System
A new revolution in Metal Detectors Technology
The 3D Ground Scan system is the experts tool to detect and analyze the earth layers hidden objects and show a 3D graph for these objects. Through this system, it is possible to accurately identify the shape of the precious buried targets, The 3D imaging system of BR Devices works on the foundations and new technologies newly invented by BR Systems in USA, so you can now use a imaging scanning system with a completely new character and shape that is completely different from similar devices with accurate detection, clarifying targets and more easy to use.

More than 50.000.00 devices of BR Detector products have been sold the last decade which puts us to be the best globally.

Royal Analyzer Pro 6000

Начните свой поиск с новым Royal Analyzer Pro 6000, с профессиональной 3D-системой земельного сканирования и системой живого сканирования, которая теперь доступна по запросу, с использованием самой передовой технологии для обнаружения золота, драгоценных металлов, сырьевых металлов, пустот, пещер, подземных коммуникаций и многого другого.

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35 Meters Depth

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