The Best Underground Water Detectors

Underground Water Detectors
A new revolution in Underground Water Detectors Technology
More than 50.000.00 devices of BR Detector products have been sold the last decade which puts us to be the best globally.

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BR 950 Professional (LRL-GEO)

BR 950 Profissional Groundwater and Well Detector is the latest scientific device that contains advanced detection and research systems to explore for groundwater locations, wells and groundwater basins.

4 Search systems

2000 Meters Distance

1200 Meters Depth

BR 950 underground water detector

El BR 950 es un dispositivo de tamaño reducido que detecta agua subterránea y pozos desde largas distancias a través del sistema de localización a largo alcance recién desarrollado en BR Systems.

1 Search systems

2000 Meters Distance

950 Meters Depth

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